On-Site Training

Do you have a large group in need of marketing and communications know-how? We’ll come to you! The Ad Council offers On-Site Training opportunities. Your group will participate in a three-hour educational session that would provide not-for-profits in your community basic information and ideas about marketing their organizations.  Presentations can be tailored for conference needs as well.

Your organization secures the facility and promotes the event. Fees vary based on travel expenses and customization of the presentation.

Customized sessions for your group or team can cover:

Why Marketing Matters

  • What is marketing and how does it relate to nonprofits?
  • Includes basic elements of marketing and an overview of its role in managing an organization

The Buzz About Branding

  • What is “branding” and what does it mean to not-for-profit organizations?
  • Why bother with branding?
  • Small group exercise; group reports

Customer Service

  • Building great relationships with customers/clients/donors is critical to your success. This one-hour presentation provides a wonderful framework and energizer for your team on the importance of customer service!

Creating a Marketing Plan for Your Organization

  • Implementing practical notions about marketing and branding.
  • How to create a marketing plan

To request On-Site Training for your group, contact us at 585-442-0200 or email info@adcouncilroch.org.