Customer Touchpoint Workshops

Your brand is useless – or worse – if people find the way you talk about it to be in conflict with their experiences with your organization. This program takes a systematic approach to aligning your customers’ experiences – all of them – with what you want them to believe about your brand.

The end result is an evaluation and a prioritized series of recommendations that your organization can use as a guide for living your brand.

The workshop consists of two half-day workshops with a team of up to 15 representatives from staff (and board, if desired). All attendees must commit to both sessions, which are scheduled approximately 3-4 weeks apart.

If your organization has participated in a brand development workshop, it is useful to have some overlap in attendees. It is critical that the team include representatives of both your organization’s leadership and implementation staff. All participants will be actively engaged and will need to do some work between the sessions and after the workshop is complete.

We will work with you in advance to identify recommended attendees. It is critical that all major groups are represented, but also understand that the expectation is for cross-functional teams to be evaluating programs and customer experiences. This is very important to both eliminate defensiveness and enhance ownership.

Please note:
This information is intended as a guideline only; certain aspects of this program can vary widely by group. If you have questions about any aspect of this program, please contact the Ad Council to discuss the program in greater detail at (585)442-0200 or