How does the Ad Council use your donations?

Without the generosity of this community— the passionate people and organizations who donate time, talent, and treasure—we wouldn’t have the resources to address so many pressing issues facing Rochester today.

Recently, a loyal donor sent this note with her gift:

“In his book Sacred Ground, Eboo Patel suggested that the trick to social change is not in finding the toughest problem; it’s in identifying the people who embody the solution and helping them spread it. The Ad Council of Rochester both in policy and practice, embodies solutions. You have and will make good use of my funds.” ~Nancy J. Farrell

Please consider joining Nancy today in supporting the Ad Council. Your contribution is an investment in the wide range of causes we’re working on as part of the larger movement for a truly greater Rochester.


What Is The W. B. Potter Society?

The Ad Council of Rochester was born out of people joining a movement. W. B. “Pete” Potter (Kodak’s Director of Advertising), together with his colleagues, formed the Ad Council of Rochester in 1950 as a way to use marketing as a force for good. Today, the W. B. Potter Society is a tribute to both Pete’s legacy and the community-minded individuals who support our work.

You can join this movement, too. By making a donation of $250 or more each year, you can be a part of this unique group of leaders—who don’t just fund campaigns— they fund measurable and meaningful community change. Your membership ensures the Ad Council continues as a trusted and thriving community resource, making a positive and sustainable impact in Rochester.

I want to join the W. B. Potter Society and help fund community impact campaigns. Please contact Beth if you have any questions about the W. B. Potter Society.