May 6th 2014

Advertising in a Nonprofit Environment PIII: Earned Advertising

A Three Part Series: Paid  | Owned | Earned – 5/6/14

A proper balance of paid, owned and earned advertising is vital to successfully supporting your mission even on a tight budget.

May 6, 2014 | Part III: Earned

Get favorable publicity through promotional efforts

Here’s what our expert presenters will cover:

THE CHANGING SHAPE OF THE MEDIA WORLD - The landscape of the media industry has been shifting rapidly for years. From community contributors to social media, getting the coverage your nonprofit needs relies on understanding what the media craves and how your story can satisfy those needs.

MANAGING YOUR MEDIA RELATIONSHIPS – Editors, reporters, and journalists are on a tight schedule so the easier you make their job, the better. A well-developed pitch, properly crafted press package, even the way you act on camera, can all help YOUR news become THEIR news.

HOLDING AN EFFECTIVE PRESS CONFERENCE – A press conference can be a great way to leverage a new initiative or major announcement, but it takes a lot more than a great topic to be successful. Learn tips on formatting, scheduling, who to invite, and how to properly follow-up post event.

LEVERAGING SOCIAL MEDIA TO ENHANCE YOUR “EARNED” STRATEGY – Social media can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Capitalizing on opportunities to interact with reporters and news outlets via social media with relevant, engaging content can enhance any strategy.

MEDIA PANEL – Get straight answers to your toughest questions from some of Rochester’s finest public relations and media minds.


When & Where 

8:30 am -12:30pm
Cornell Cooperative Extension
249 Highland Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620



Nonprofits: $55 per session
For Profit Members: $65 per session
For Profit Non-Members: $75 per session

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